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High Protection for your eyes

Protect your eyes from UV radiation and make them look whiter

Most people realise the importance of protecting their skin when out in the sun, but it is just as important that your eyes are protected too. We all want our glasses to look good but equally important are their performance. You should always check the level of UV protection that your glasses specatacle lenses offer.

Research suggests that daily exposure to UVB in very bright sunlight over a period of many years may cause cataracts (gradual clouding of the lens of the eye). Experts also suspect that the primary cause of eye growths such as pingueculae or pterygia is exposure to UVB rays. These eye diseases make the outer part of the eye, the conjunctiva, appear yellow.  This can be reduced by using the right lens to remove the dangerous ultraviolet radiation and make your eyes look whiter and healthier.