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Specs Direct Opticians - See What our Our Lovely patients Have...

We had a fun time making this video. A big thank you to all our patients for their kind words and for taking the time to come to the practice and talk about their experiences. If you would like to experience our customer service please call us today.

Posted by Specs Direct Barnet UK on Wednesday, 29 March 2017

See What Our Lovely Patients Have to Say.

My family have been customers of Specs Direct for years. In this time we have had nothing but an excellent service from them. The staff are professional and knowledgeable but more importantly for me with a young family they are always friendly and welcoming. They always greet us on entering the shop and always use first names of my children, which makes them feel relaxed as if they were visiting a friend rather than an opticians.

In particular my youngest daughter has required glasses since she was 3 years old. Initially this was quite daunting for her, but right from her very first visit she was put at her ease by the staff who showed the utmost patience during her eye examinations and the choosing and fitting of her glasses. They spent the time to talk to her, as much as to my wife and I, so she understood each step of the eye examination. The comparison to the same impersonal and sometimes abrupt service we received at the NHS eye clinic was stark. This personal, friendly caring service to my daughter has continued over the years ensuring that, unlike some of her friends who dislike going to their opticians, my daughter is always more than happy to go to Specs Direct.

Being so young and wearing glasses the frames are frequently getting bent out of shape or requiring adjusting to keep in the right position on her face. Despite the numerous re-visits for them to be adjusted, the staff at Specs Direct never gives you the impression that you are a bother to them or should not keep coming back as regularly as we seem to need to. They continue to offer the same warm welcome and will spend as much time as necessary getting the adjustments correct, checking with my daughter that she feels comfortable with the glasses before being satisfied with their work.

I am not surprised they have reached the final stage of the Optician’s of the year and have absolutely no reservation in providing this testimonial in support of their evaluation.

Colan Ash

A friend recommended Specs Direct to us when our son Gregory, aged 2 years, needed to wear glasses and we've been going there ever since.  My husband and I both already wore glasses and we quickly transferred our custom.

Specs Direct is part of the fabric of our life.  In his early years, Gregory was always breaking his glasses and we seemed to be at Specs Direct every week where they always managed to repair his glasses willingly and promptly. To us, Specs Direct is synonymous with 'going to the opticians'.

They continue to give us a fantastic, friendly service and, for me, an on-going friendship with Catherine, their equally long serving assistant.  We couldn't imagine going anywhere else!

The Francini family

My husband and I have had our eyes tested at Specs direct for many years now and have always been very satisfied indeed. We trust them. The optician, Chris, who owns the business, has never tried to persuade us to buy new specs if he did not believe they were really necessary. Some opticians seem only interested in making sales.  We have never found this to be the case with Specs direct.

My husband says he would never want anyone other than Catherine to help him choose his new frames and to ensure they fitted well. Nothing has ever been too much trouble for her. 

Their care has been great, and my husband was referred to Moorfields by Chris as soon as a problem arose. They seem to have all the latest equipment for which there is no extra charge. They also keep to their appointment times efficiently.

We believe that Specs direct are the best opticians in our area and would not go anywhere else.

A. Cook

This practice is fantastic. They have been nothing but superb for years. Since the day they opened.

C. Ensor